Thursday, May 26, 2011

He May Have Just Made It

To tell you the truth, if I had actually planned on having a third child, I would have wanted a little boy still, but would have attempted to have him a bit sooner. My bigger boys are less than two years apart, while Jack trails Jack by 2 years, 9 months. I realize that is still fairly close, but when I see the bond the big boys have and then see how babyish Jack still is, I often wonder if he will ever have quite the same connection to his brothers as they obviously have with each other.

Jack may have just made the cut though. I know all families are different and age isn't always a factor, but this is just the way I think. My worries are constantly put to rest when I see them like this:

Now mind you: Jack is no movie watcher. He doesn't quite appreciate the humor of Mega Mind, nor does he feel the need to actually sit still, but he does love being sandwiched between his big brothers. After a few attempts to get them sitting together, I finally figured out the reason it wasn't working was because I wasn't allowing Jack to sit where he wanted: in between his brothers. Once we got the seating arrangement settled, Jack actually stayed there for longer than I've ever seen him sit in one place without food.

The situation soon developed into rambunctiousness, but all three of them loved that.

Jack is such a little instigator. When things need livening up, he sticks his finger up Ben's nose. If Mitchell ignores him for long enough, he will lift his shirt and flub his belly. Not getting enough attention? Here! Take a finger to the eyeball! Jack may be a few more months behind than I would have chosen, but he certainly doesn't care. He will be a part of the pack, whether they like it or not!

And they love it...

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