Friday, May 6, 2011

One Thing I Will Miss

If you read my blog, you know by now that I am not one to get sentimental over my babies. I never wish for infancy to last longer. I never think or say "they are just growing up too fast!" I never wish for time to freeze and my children to stay little.

If anything, I tend to push progress. Although a pretty easy-going and laid-back person in general, I fear my kids are on to me and will take advantage of that if I am not purposeful about what I expect of them. Just yesterday, I almost had a tired Mitchell in tears (not a feat easily accomplished!) because of some homework he couldn't (I suspect wouldn't) do.

Should I defend my love for my small children here so that you don't think me a terrible person? Nah... You know me by now.

I do have to admit though, what got me going on this post was the sound coming from Jack's room early this morning as he woke from a long night's sleep. I just love it. Although a man of only a few real words, he sure has a lot to say! I love how he wakes up and just gets right to the talking. He lays in there for some time just babbling. It almost sounds like a real conversation that he is busy having with his stuffed dog and blankie, if only it were in English...

Experience with the other two boys who went through this adorable stage tells me that when his real words do replace his constant stream of babble, the talking to himself for long periods will come to an end and he will want/need someone to talk to. I love this phase.

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