Saturday, May 7, 2011

For My Mom

I can't tell you how many times I have wondered, "How did my mom do it?" I have one less child than she does, and I don't work from home, yet I find myself wondering how anyone could handle more than I do sometimes. My mom did.

Mom, you fed us, clothed us, drove us to school. You kept us clean and saw that we did our chores. You showed us how to work hard and make sacrifices for your family.

You braided my hair every Saturday night so my hair would be pretty on Sunday mornings. You made amazing dresses for me for Easter Sunday. You were always on my side when my skirts were "too short" at school. You taught me to cook and how to take care of the entire kitchen from start to finish. You made me my own cook book full of your own hand-written recipes which I couldn't do without. You saved things from my childhood that you treasured and thought I would one day treasure myself. You wrote down all the silly or funny things I did and said.

I may not always do things the same way you did them when your kids were younger, but your ways are always on my mind, weighing in on my decision-making processes. My life is different than yours was when I was the age my children are now, but we have so much in common still as mothers. I am the good mother I am today because I was taught by you what a great mother is! I love you!


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  2. Beautiful Debbie, just beautiful. Your Mom not only taught you to be a great Mom, she also made you the gorgeous person you are today. You sound a lot like your mom. Happy Mothers day to an amazing mother xoxo



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