Monday, May 16, 2011

Dude Style

I am surrounded by males in my house, so naturally, there are things I prefer not to be done that make sense to me, a female, but don't seem to be so black and white for the rest of my family. I have learned that when I am the only one who thinks a rule or a style of doing something makes sense or is the best way, the alternative gets called "dude style."

Some examples of dude style:
Drinking milk out of the carton
Going outside in the cold or rain with no jacket
Riding bikes with no helmet
Not washing hands before meals
Sleeping with as little clothes on as possible

When I ask Mitchell if he would like to get his jacket on before we go pick up Ben at school, he replies, "Nah... I'll just go 'dude style'."

When I ask Ben where his pajamas are and why he woke up almost naked in the morning: "I was hot so I slept 'dude style'."

"I couldn't reach a cup, so I drank some milk 'dude style'!"

I'm sure I am missing out on many things by not having any other little females in my family, but my dudes sure do seem like the perfect fit for me as a mother. I do have to admit, "dude style" does seem the way to go sometimes...

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha. Perhaps you should start picking up on some "Dude Style" too, but in true children form, your little dudes might not find it as cool anymore.



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